Spiros Kitsinelis - The importance of science in society and our lives

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Ageliki Kottaridi - Archaeology today
What is the role of archaeology today beyond treasure hunts and the exciting adventures o Indiana Jones? Can knowledge of the past help us to understand the present and light of the path to the future? If this is so, the can multilayered and scientific research results become common knowledge?
Dimitris Kouretas - From the bench to the market
University produces two "products" : research and graduates. If no one in the market place wants to buy both of these products, then as a society we need to think what to do with this University.
Chris Dellarocas - Reinventing University
Who needs a University in the age of Google? Like an old phonograph whose time has come to be replaced by iTunes, our aging higher education system is ripe for distribution - with great opportunities foe generations to come. Chris Dellarocas os Professor of Information System of Boston University and Director of BU's Digital Learning Initiative.
Science is all around us and within us an inner necessity. It is magnificent journey for humanity, a great tool and a way of thinking. How can science change our lives? What is the future of science communication?
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