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Many scientists and economists believe we live in the greatest time of change in the history of our species. Certainly the volatility of the economy in Greece reinforces the feeling that we do, indeed, live in tough times.

But such an intense rate of change ultimately demands a transformation—we canʼt always just promise to work faster and harder; sometimes we need to find ways to work smarter, and to be, in a word… different. In this special event Larry Keeley—widely considered one of the worldʼs thought leaders for innovation—will describe how leaders in Greece can innovate their way out of a time of great adversity. As ever, in a TEDxAcademy talk, the pace will be brisk, but Keeley will lean on recent research on how innovation in regions can radically reshape the local conditions that drive new opportunities—for individuals, communities and companies. In particular, Keeley will unveil some new methods that drive national innovation strategies, customized explicitly to illustrate how Greece can make newsworthy and crucial new choices that might chart a profound new course for this proud and important country. Larry Keeley is President of Chicago-based Doblin Inc., a leading consulting firm that focuses on effective innovation, now a member of the global consultancy Monitor Group, where Keeley is a Group Leader. He is on the faculty of IITʼs Institute of Design plus Kellogg Graduate School of Management, and lectures regularly at University of Chicago and business schools around the world. Keeley has been named one of the seven leading global “gurus” of innovation by BusinessWeek Magazine, where they labeled him “Mr. Metrics” and separately selected by BusinessWeek as one of the 27 leading designers of the world.