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TEDxAcademy 2017 – ‘Our Best Self’

This year at TEDxAcademy we want to ask the simple questions. Are we making a big enough impact in the world?

Do we make a meaningful difference in the lives of others in our community?

Everything begins when we dare to show up as the best version of ourselves. This sounds simple but it requires vigilance and demanding effort. When we are at our best selves, we pursue the future with courage, profound human connection, imagination, thrilling possibility and understanding.

Because ultimately, this is why we are on the planet:

For each of us to show up as the best person we can be – not for selfish reasons, but because our communities and the world deserves our best efforts to help make them better!

Session 1: Global View

At TEDxAcademy we invite some of the world’s biggest dreamers, to give them a platform to share their vision of how the world can be a better place. We want to reignite the spark and passion about the future of the world.

Session 2: Local Communities

Humanity’s greatest “superpower” is the ability to vision the future, ignite excitement, share it with others and make it happen. This year, we are inviting leaders who bring their best selves to their communities to share our stage.

Session 3: Human Dimension

What does the best version of our selves look like? Are we taking on the right job? The right decisions? What motivates us? How do we deal with risk? How do we understand the future? Are we ready to experience our best self?

2017 – Speakers

Andreas Stavropoulos is a silicon valley technology investor who funds teams that can touch the biggest number of people and leave a positive mark on the world. In his talk he will explain how technology is shaping the world.

Andreas Stavropoulos

Technology Investor

Anastasia Mikova, a film director will speak about giving voice to women all around the world. She is the co-director of a new film to be released in 2019 titled ‘WOMAN’.

Anastasia Mikova

Film Director

Robin Farmanfarmaian is a Professional Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, and Angel Investor, specializing in the intersection of technology and healthcare. She will speak about the convergence of technology disrupting medicine, and empowering patients to be in control of their own healthcare.

Robin Farmanfarmaian

Author & Entrepreneur

Maria Efthymiou is a history professor who spends time giving free history lectures all over Greece. So far more than 15000 people have attended her lectures. Maria will be speaking about the timeless strengths of Hellenism thought that past 4000 years.

Maria Efthymiou

Professor of History

Dody Tsiantar has been featured in major publications (Fortune, newsweek, Washington Post, time). Since 2007, Dody has been teaching journalism at Columbia University. She will talk about the challenges of journalism in the 21st century in view of fake news.

Dody Tsiantar

Professor, journalist

Caspar Berry played professional poker for three years in Las Vegas before finding himself as the poker advisor on the James Bond Movie ‘Casino Royale’. He talks about uncertainty and decision making that brings us at our best.

Caspar Berry

Professional Poker Player

+ More speakers to be announced soon!

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